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 Series Rules

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SLR Dalton 026

Age : 27
Location : Manchester

PostSubject: Series Rules   Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:34 pm

American Le Mans Series Rules


1. Series Format
2. Qualifying / Race / Pit Stop Formats
3. Assists
4. Teams / Points
5. Cars
6. Upgrades / Tuning
7. Paints
8. The Reporting Of Incidents

1. Series Format

The American Le mans Series, is a High speed, Multi-class, Endurance styled racing series. During this event we will visit 6 world famous circuits, 5 American circuits and Le Man, Le Sarthe for our season finale.

2. Qualifying / Race / Pit Stop Formats

There will be 2 different opportunities during the week before the race for drivers to qualify for the upcoming race weekend. You can only submit one qualifying time each week and this must be done directly after your qualifying session has finished.
If you compete in the first qualifying session of the week and feel like you could have done better, you can choose not to submit your time and try again in the second session. However if you decide to do this and your time in the second session is slower than your first time, it will still be the second session’s time that will be recorded.

Qualifying Session 1
Session 1 will be run on a Thursday night at 7pm, this will be a 10 minute practice followed by 20 minute Qualifying.

Qualifying Session 2
Session 2 will be run on a Saturday night at 7:30pm, this will be a 10 minute practice followed by 20 minute Qualifying.

If for any reason you cannot make the above sessions please make us aware of this on sign up and we can arrange another qualifying session for you. If you do not qualify you will start the race from the back of your class.

There will be 1 race per week for 6 weeks, the races will be held at 9pm on a Saturday and each race will last between 90 and 120 minutes. Before the start of each race we will complete 1 lap at Benchmark Layout A in order to obtain positions on the starting grid (lobby points) according to qualifying results. In this one lap race the administrator for the event (SLR Dalton 026) will call out driver names one by one, only once your name has been read out should you move from the starting line and complete your lap, without overtaking the person whose name has been called before yours. Once the main race starts it will be a race to the end, we will only restart the race if 3 or more cars are damaged in a collision within the first 3 laps, once the first car enters lap 4 this no longer applies.

All following racing flags apply during the AMLS.

Green Flag: The green flag is waved by the starter to indicate the beginning of an open track run group session. It is waved after a caution to tell the drivers that the session has been restarted. The green flag also is an indication that the course is clear of any obstacles or debris.

Yellow Flag: The yellow flag is the signal for caution. When it is held stationary it is an indication that there is a problem ahead. Drivers must slow and not pass. A waving yellow flag indicates immediate danger ahead. Drivers must be prepared to stop and cannot pass, although they can close the distance to the car immediately in front.
Only the administrator can officially call for a yellow flag

Blue Flag: The blue or passing flag means that there is a faster car following closely behind, and you should probably allow him to pass at the next passing zone. A waving flag generally indicates that the driver is about to be overtaken and should take care to permit the following vehicle a safe pass. Some drivers resist moving over for an over-taking car when they feel faster. This can result in a BLACK flag at our events. The Blue Flag is commonly called the "COURTESY FLAG"… Only the car in a position close enough to overtake a car 1 or more laps down can use a Blue Flag

Black Flag: The black flag is going to be used as a drive through Penalty flag for the purpose of the AMLS. This flag is only going to be used in extreme conditions, if you fail to let a lap car pass on in a suitable position, if you continuously cut corners or hit your fellow drivers or if you fail to pit during the pit window. Only the administrator can award drive through penalties

Pit Stops
Each race will have two mandatory pit stops, which must be taken between two 10 minute pit windows. The administrator for the race will make you aware of the pit window closing and you must call out your Gamertag when you enter the pit. If you do not pit during the 10 minute window you will be Black Flagged and you will also receive a strict 1 point penalty off the driver standings.

3. Assists

As always this series is going to be run as true to life as possible, this means all assists listed below are non-negotiable:

Suggested Line – Optional
STM – Off
TCS – Off
Braking Assist – OFF
ABS – Optional
Steering Assist – Simulation
Shifting – Automatic / Manual (NO CLUTCH)

4. Teams / Points

All team structure is put in place to make the event as interesting, balanced and fun as possible. The AMLS will use a team structure that we have never used before on CCRO.
There will be 5 teams of 3 drivers, with 1 driver from each team driving a car from a different class. For example – Driver 1 in LMP1 – Driver 2 in GT1 – Driver 3 in GT2.
Teams can be made up out of 3 drivers from the whole forum. This excludes CCRO teams.

Each driver will only be competing against their selected class and will not receive more points for beating a driver from another class. There will be 3 different championships running at the same time on the same tracks.

Championship 1
LMP 1 Driver Championship, each of the 5 drivers driving a LMP 1 car will be competing for this title.

Championship 2
GT1 Driver Championship, each of the 5 drivers driving a GT 1 car will be competing for this title.

Championship 3
GT 2 Driver Championship, each of the 5 drivers driving a GT 2 car will be competing for this title.

Championship 4
Team Championship, all drivers for all 5 teams will be competing for points towards this event.

Every driver will be awarded points at the end of each race dependant on their finishing position in their class. These points will go towards the Driver Championship and also accumulate towards the Team Championship.

Points Awarded
1st in your class = 6 points

2nd in your class = 4 points

3rd in your class = 3 points

4th in your class = 2 points

5th in your class = 1 point

5. Cars

Like I have already stated there will be 5 cars per class, only 1 of each car can be driven during the championship. All cars have been tested (Stock with no tune) and are believed to be competitive. All cars available for this event are listed below:

2009 Acura - #66 de Ferran Motorsports ARX-02a
2009 Aston Martin - #007 Aston Martin Lola
2011 Aston Martin - #6 Muscle Milk Aston Martin Lola
2011 Audi - #4 Forza Motorsport R10 TDI
2011 Peugeot - #10 Matmut-Oreca 908

2006 Aston Martin - #007 Aston Martin Racing DBR9
2008 Aston Martin - #009 Aston Martin Racing DBR9
2004 Chevrolet - #3 Corvette Racing C5.R
2004 Chevrolet - #3 Corvette Racing C5.R
2006 Chevrolet - #4 Corvette Racing C6.R

2009 BMW - #92 Rahal Letterman Racing M3 GT2
2011 Ferrari - #62 Risi Competizione F458 Italia
2010 Ferrari - #83 Risi Competizione F430GT
2009 Ford - #40 Robinsons Racing Ford GT Mk7
2010 Jaguar - #33 RSR XKR GT

6. Upgrades / Tunes

All cars will have NO upgrades, not even rims, tuning is aloud and encouraged.

7. Paints

All teams will have a paint which is unique to their team; this will include colours and Main sponsor. All cars must have the driver number displayed on both sides and the hood. Also all cars must have the drivers Gamertag displayed on each side of the car.

8. The Reporting Of Incidents

All incidents must be reported directly after the race (not during the race) unless it requires a penalty. Any incident will not be discussed in the race and all replays but be saved by the driver making the complaint, because if there is a lag which causes the incident then it will not be visible by somebody else’s replay.
The replay/replays will be review by the administrators and a decision will be made as to weather or not anyone is to blame and if a penalty should be given to any or both drivers.

If there is anything I have not discussed here or you have any questions please just comment below.

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Series Rules
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