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SLR Dalton 026
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 Series General Rules

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SLR Dalton 026
SLR Dalton 026

Age : 32
Location : Manchester

Series General Rules Empty
PostSubject: Series General Rules   Series General Rules Icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 2:16 am

Incidents / Contact:

In racing, contact with other drivers is inevitable and WILL happen. But even the slightest amount of damage to aero can have a seriously negative affect on a cars performance (and it can't be fixed by pitting!). Please take extra caution around other drivers, especially at the start of the races. When behind another driver EXPECT to brake earlier than usual so as not to hit them. Remember, the race cannot be won on the first few corners, but it can easily be lost.

To rectify any incidents:

If a race is required to restart a second time (third start), then a 1-second roll-off delay will be implemented in order to space out cars and hopefully avoid earlier race incidents. A red flag (restart) will occur when 3 or more drivers take serious damage in the same incident, in the first five Corners of the race.

Under yellow flag conditions, it is expected that the lobby's race leader, will maintain a recommended minimum speed of 40-50mph and that the Safety Car period is announced clearly and all members are aware (to avoid any pile ups into the race leader). The safety car period will continue until all drivers are regrouped into their position on the road (not pre crash position). Once the track is clear the yellow flag will be lifted, you MUST stay under caution, when the car in first place enters the final corner speed limits will be lifted but there will still be NO over taking, until the car in first crosses over the Start/Finish line.

Race officials will hand out punishments/points penalties for intentionally hitting other drivers, making ill-advised manoevers causing an accident, and other unsportsmanlike offences. This can affect your status on and off the track. REPEAT OFFENDERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and may face expulsion from the championship if their accidents are deemed deliberate or repeatedly caused by just plain stupidity, immaturity or lack of ability.

With collisions on during the race, all drivers on the track are expected to be/act professional on the track in any lobbies. Race flags apply [yellow, green, black, blue, red]

Green Flag: Race conditions are now Continued.

Yellow Flag: Caution as there is trouble in the track, there ill be a speed limit of 50MPH under Yellow Flag.

Blue Flag: Means you are being lapped and you are slowing down the Lapping car and may cause a collision. Please move over and allow lapping cars to pass you safely.

Black Flag: Means you have been driving dangerously and/or cutting the track. Please pull into the pit and leave the race.

Red Flag: Race restart. There has been a accident and we are going to restart the race.

Car Builds:

Every event will have strict Requirements/Regulations to follow in order to have a car that is eligible for our events.
On some occasions we will even ban tuning on locked builds and tunes.

If you are caught breaking these rules you will face possible expulsion from CCRO and any future events. we ask if your not sure, ASK. because if you haven't and you enter an event with a car that is not correct you will be treated as tho it was deliberate.


We are all here to have fun. so if you enter our events with an aggressive or hostile attitude which will make other drivers uncomfortable, you will be asked to calm down and act in the manor expected from all drivers. If you fail to do as asked we will have no other choice but to kick you from the event and issue you with a warning. You will never receive 2 warnings, you will just be asked to leave CCRO.

Leaving a Race

Dropping out of an event during the race time for invalid reasons such as "I'm having a terrible race and I just don't want to continue because I know I will not win today" will be punished accordingly. If we all drop out of the race because we've had a bad day on the track then our series and the time invested in practice and qualifying is for nothing. An example of a valid reason for dropping out of a race would be a situation where you've rolled your car onto its roof or side and have no chance of righting it. Even then you must notify an admin of your situation immediately and the admin will make the decision to allow you to leave the race or possibly call for a restart in accordance to the series rules.

All other rules will be posted Specific to events.
if you have any suggestions for new rules i have missed message me and we will discuss this.

The rules are only here to make you aware of what we expect. They are quite simple and we don't ask for a lot, we just want to make sure CCRO is a place people enjoy racing.

Thanks guys.

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SLR Dalton 026
SLR Dalton 026

Age : 32
Location : Manchester

Series General Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Series General Rules   Series General Rules Icon_minitimeTue Feb 14, 2012 5:39 pm

Updated * 14/02/2012
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Series General Rules
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