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SLR Dalton 026

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 Series Rules / Description

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SLR Dalton 026

Age : 27
Location : Manchester

PostSubject: Series Rules / Description   Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:34 am

Cosworth RS500 Racing Series

1. Series Description
2. Race / Qualifying Format
3. Points / Team Rules
4. Assists
5. Cars / Upgrade / Tuning
6. Paints
7. The Reporting Of Incidents

1. Series Description

This series is a single manufacturer event using the Ford Sierra Cosword RS500. You must build your own car to a set P.I. within the required restrictions. After each race the top 4 drivers will receive a P.I. deduction in the hopes of making the racing close between the front and back of the grid. This will not only test your driving skill it will also force you to try and squeeze out every last bit of power and grip from your car making a balanced tune that is suited to each track as much as possible.

2. Race / Qualifications

Race – Each week we will have 2 races on 1 track.

Feature Race – 40 minutes of racing starting as a result of qualifying with 1 mandatory pit stop.
This will be a normal standing start with everybody starting on Forza Countdown.

Sprint Race – 20 Minutes of racing starting in reverse order from the previous race, NO pit stop will be required in the Sprint race.
This race with be a standing start with a twist, we will do a formation lap and pull back onto the grid in our positions. Once everyone is ready on the grid the Administrator for the race would select a Race timer time ( for example – Race Timer 2 Minutes )to start the race.
This would work like in real life and would have rules to make sure it works fairly.

Starting Rules

1. You must pull into your box and let the administrator know when you are ready. ( 1st – 16th)
2. You must then apply the brake and wait to be told when the race will start.
3. You must NOT let off the brake until the race timer is met.
4. Jumping the start will be met with a penalty (2 points for every position gained before turn 1)
5. If you jump the start it is Noticeable/Intentional you will receive a drive through penalty.
6. All replays will be viewed to verify all starts where legal. (jump starts are NOT to be discussed during the race)
7. There will be a penalty of 1 point for anyone whose car is hanging out of the front of the grid box.
8. You will be judged on the first time your wheels start to turn.
9. If you jump the start by over 0.500 seconds you will not gain any points from that event.

Qualifying – Qualifying will be a number of laps before the start of the race to last approximately 8 minutes. Dirty times will go behind any clean times.

3. Points /Teams

Teams – Teams will be teams of two selected 1 week before the series starts by SLR Dalton 026. Just like with the Grand Am this is in order to make the event as fair as possible and also to encourage people to get to know other members on the forum.

Points – Points will be awarded at the end of a race, you will accumulate points both towards the driver and team standings dependent upon your finishing position in each race.

Points Awarded

1st in the race = 25 points (-10 P.I. Points)
2nd in the race= 21 points (-6 P.I. Points)
3rd in the race = 18 points (-4 P.I. Points)
4th in the race = 15 points (-2 P.I. Points)
5th in the race = 12 points
6th in the race = 11 points
7th in the race = 10 points
8th in the race = 9 points
9th in the race = 8 points
10th in the race = 7 points
11th in the race = 6 points
12th in the race = 5 points
13th in the race = 4 points
14th in the race = 3 points
15th in the race = 2 points
16th in the race = 1 points

4. Assists

Assists – Are pretty laid back for this series although CCRO have their Normal settings like everyone else, all assist listed below are mandatory and you agree to use these by signing up.

Suggested Line – Optional
STM – Off
TCS – Off
Braking Assist – OFF
ABS – Optional
Steering Assist – Optional (Normal/Simulation)
Shifting – Automatic / Manual (NO CLUTCH)

5. Cars/Upgrades/Tuning

Cars – This series will only have one car of choice, the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. It is a RWD car that was very well known in the late 80’s and early 90’s throughout a number of different racing stages, for example – Rally, BTCC and German Touring Cars. This car is one amazing machine and we are going to have the pleasure to race it over the next month or so.

Upgrades – All upgrades within this series are totally optional but the car must not be made 4WD. You can build your own car up to A550 P.I. using any parts you want to within the regulations. You can build a speed demon that does not turn or a car with no top end but a whippet in the corners. Whatever you decide to do it is totally up to you and can be changed at any time.

Tuning – Providing you install the parts needed in order to make your car tuneable, you can tune to your heart’s content or if you are more of a racer you can put a basic tune on it and be done with it, just get on the track and learn your car because it will have strengths totally different to the ones in the car next to you.

6. Paints

Paints – There are no mandatory stickers needed for this event, all we ask is that your car looks like a race car and something you would expect to see on the grid of a real life race. One request that I have for this event is that I ask you try and base your design on a replica from the 80’s or 90’s.

7. Reporting Of Race Incidents

All incidents must be reported directly after the race (not during the race) unless it requires a penalty. Race incidents will not be discussed during the race and all replays must be saved by the driver making the complaint because if there is a lag which caused the incident then it will not be visible by somebody else’s replay.

The replay/replays will be reviewed by the administrators and a decision will be made as to whether or not anyone is to blame and if a penalty should be given to any or both drivers.

If there is anything I have not discussed here that you would like to see or if you have any questions please comment below.
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SLR Dalton 026

Age : 27
Location : Manchester

PostSubject: Re: Series Rules / Description   Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:13 pm

Rules Update -

You must attend every race with the cars required for race 2.

For example: Weekend 1 - Everyone must have 5 tuning setups as listed below.

Tune 1 - P.I. 550 - For race 1 and maybe race 2.

Tune 2 - P.I. 548 - For race 2 if you finish 4th in race 1

Tune 3 - P.I. 546 - For race 2 if you finish 3rd in race 1

Tune 4 - P.I. 544 - For race 2 if you finish 2nd in race 1

Tune 5 - P.I. 540 - For race 2 if you finish 1st in race 1

If you do not have the required build you will not be allowed to race in the second race.

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Series Rules / Description
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